Plan check

The Survey Document Checklist is a list of items the surveyor reviews and confirms before signing a Survey Document and is an indication that the various requirements of surveying and preparing the Document have been satisfied in accordance with the standards of regulations and professional practice. Checklist forms are issued according to the type of survey and survey document required. The process involves answering either "Yes" or "N/A" (not applicable) with an option for adding a comment when necessary. The comment allows the surveyor to state why a particular requirement is not applicable or could not be achieved.

The surveyor can request a Checklist form only after Survey Instructions have been issued for a project.The first part of the checklist is referred to as the Regulatory Checklist, and the surveyor completes and submitsthis after performing the survey work/plan, prior to survey document approval. After preparing the final surveydocument and obtaining the approvals of all relevant authorities, the surveyor completes the Approval part of the Checklist. It is to benoted that the checklist record is only visible to the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors and the surveyor whoprepares the plan.

Upon receiving the final Survey Document the Surveyor General Branch will review the document against the following list of items as applicable

  1. Complete returns received
  2. All data shown on plan is legible
  3. Plan signed and sealed by Surveyor
  4. Correct plan type specified
  5. New parcels are adequately described geographically
  6. Parcel designators match those shown on the plan diagram
  7. SGB endorsement block(s) is/are present and correct
  8. Land administrators' endorsement blocks are present and correct
  9. CLSR No. and LTO registration blocks are present and correct
  10. Compiled statement specified
  11. Lands dealt with are evident
  12. Plan and survey reflects specific survey instructions and specific requirements
  13. Shape, size and location of surveyed parcels/boundaries agree reasonably well with cadastral fabric
  14. All boundary dimensions shown including curve data
  15. Parcel areas shown
  16. Minimum required monumentation has been placed at required locations
  17. Sufficient found evidence to support placed monumentation is shown
  18. Survey is connected to existing survey within 1 km
  19. Survey is geo-referenced to appropriate accuracy.
  20. Acceptable digital file of survey
  21. Comprising statement is present and correct
  22. Limited rights with registered land interests affecting lands dealt with are shown
  23. Underlying parcels and plan numbers are in phantom
  24. Parcel remainders are shown
  25. Survey agrees with Registry/LTO records
  26. Access shown to each parcel (not applicable in Territories)
  27. LTA owners attestation are correct and titles are based on active survey parcels