eInstructions - Request survey instructions

Survey Instructions are requested by following the Request New Instructions process in the MyCLSS Web application. The tool for this is available in the My Projects page that is shown after the user logs in to the application. The user completes the request form and, based on the type of survey, the documents that are required will be listed for the user to upload. Upon successful upload of the required documents, a Request Survey Instructions button is enabled for the user to send the request to SGB. For details of how to use the tool, refer to the online Help Document.

The system will respond to the user's request for Survey Instructions by displaying a page containing a summary of the request, endorsement blocks, eEdition chapters (references relevant to the request), uploaded documents, and project milestones. It will also show an Instructions Requested status in the Projects pane. The SGB staff will process the request as soon as possible. Once issued, the Survey Instructions are emailed to the user, and also recorded in the corresponding Projects account. After the issuance of Survey Instructions, the Projects pane will show a status of Instruction Issued against the particular project.

Before requesting specific survey instructions, the user should be prepared with the required documents for that type of survey. The various requirements for Survey Instructions are provided in Chapter C1 of the General Instructions for Surveys, e-Edition. The required documents must be in PDF format for the upload to work.