Land status report

A land status report is one of the required documents to be submitted to the Surveyor General Branch when a surveyor is requesting specific survey instructions (B2-1 section 4.2, C1 section 17, General Instructions for Surveys, e-Edition). Before requesting specific survey instructions (C1 section 16), the surveyor is responsible for reviewing the status in the land which will be surveyed.

For surveys in the territories, the land status report shall outline a list of the status and owner of every tract of land being dealt with by the survey, and identify what Acts the survey is being executed under. In addition, the report should include copies of certificates of titles and of the crown land survey authorities.

The following is an example of the details.

Land status report
Location Canada Lands (Reserve/Park):
Band (if applicable):
Concession/Block & Lot:
Surveyor Specific Survey Instructions are to be issued to:
Authorization See Chapter C1, s.17(a) of the General Instructions for Surveys, e-Edition
Present Land Status The present land status is:
  • Band land I.L.H. Other (specify)
  • The land is shown in the Indian Lands Registry System (ILRS) or First Nation Land Register System (FNLRS) as:
    • CP # by:
    • NE # by:
    • Cardex # by:
    • Permit/Lease # by:
  • Are there any registered encumbrances (easements, r/w's, etc.) that affect this parcel?
  • Are there any unsurveyed registered interests in the vicinity of this parcel?
If yes to either of the last two questions, please provide details.
Proposed Land Transaction
  • Will a transaction based on this plan be registered in the Indian Lands Registry System (ILRS) or First Nation Land Register System (FNLRS)?
    If no, what will the plan be used for?
    If yes, what type of transaction is proposed (Indian Act s., term length, etc.)?
  • Who are the parties to the proposed transaction?
  • Do you know of any other pending transactions that might affect this parcel?






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